Mudfoot Fundo One Hundo Videos

Last month we did one of the craziest rides of the year hosted by our mates from Mudfoot, check out the new videos shot and produced by Ace, Kyle and GSC.

From the Mudfoot site:   

Cycling is a liberating pursuit. Having the ability at the earliest possible age to pedal down a driveway is the first true act of independence, maybe even rebellion. I would argue that this first act, and those that follow (riding on the sidewalk, on the street, around the block), instill in one a lifelong rebel spirit that will always look to keep cycling as pure as that first pedal away from authority, and towards freedom. In that spirit Mudfoot, over the past three years, has endeavored to create events, such as they are, with the conviction that cycling at its core is something liberating and pure. Something that is the opposite of elusive, it is just outside your door.

No entry fee, no “sponsors”, all stoke.

Certainly this is nothing new, nothing fresh, and nothing of great notoriety. If these rides have gained any traction it is because they speak to a common feeling among all, and stand on the shoulders of others. In Los Angeles that would include the perennial New Years ride/race up Mt. Wilson, the intermittingly held ‘Feel My Legs I’m A Racer’ ride, the grueling Santa Monica 100, even to the now maligned alleycats and early Wolfpack Hustles of downtown. Across the country it includes events like the Almanzo, Stagecoach 400, Philadelphia’s ‘Dirty Dozen’, and Bike Jerks’ Bandit CX, among an immeasurable number of others.

All these rides however would be nothing without those that ride farther than they thought they were capable of, are ready to re-calibrate their perspective, and at times choose an unconventional bicycle. It is those people we thank. The pro cyclist from Redlands, the shredders from Sacramento, the stoners from the San Fernando Valley, the lurkers from the internet, the luddites from previous generations of the ‘cycling scene’, the new LA transplants discovering something that we once did. Beautiful isn’t it.

Don’t know what the next ride will be. But you can trust it will be in this spirit and for you.

Mudfoot is a group of cyclists based in Los Angeles, but with membership across the USA. It began as (and continues as) a cyclocross team and an elite think-tank exploring the outermost limits of pure fun.

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Los Angeles /
Angeles National Forest

Golden Saddle Cyclery