An Englishman in LA…
now with added Englishness!!

So… I dragged myself from my death-bed today and popped over to pick up my beloved 1965 Moulton 4 Speed from our amazing mates/mechanics David and ‘Woody’ at my LBS Golden Saddle Cyclery here in Los Angeles.

David has done an amazing job on the overhaul, everything functions perfectly, and I am gobsmacked at the condition of this truly original bicycle …I can’t wait until I’m well enough to go put it through it’s paces.

The only component that I’m going to change out is the saddle. Like the rest of the bicycle, the 49-year-old ‘horse hair’ MIDDLEMORE’ is in superb condition, but I feel that a black Brooks ‘Swift’ is the way to go both aesthetically and comfort wise. As soon as I’ve installed the saddle, and dialed in the fit, I’ll find a suitable location to shoot the bike for all to splendor in.

To find out more about new and vintage Moulton Bicycles visit the illuminating website of the Moulton Bicycle Club (of which I am now of course a member.)

Seeing as it’s 100F+ outside, and I’m under physical house arrest, what better way to wallow than taking photographs of our my new favourite whip, 1965 Moulton 4 Speed (Huffy). This extraordinary bicycle will be 50 years old next July, so I’m scheming up some serious celebration rides for it, perhaps rolling the pacific coast all the way from Portland to Los Angeles? …and then there’s always L’EROICA next October …Hmmm.

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